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The team of EGO Control Systems
Yngve Sandboe - has been involved in software development for professional lighting, sound, and audio-visual control  for more than 20 years. He also has extensive background from lighting in professional, large scale environments, including many years at the National Theatre in Oslo, Norway. Some of his most notable feats include the development of the AVAB VLC/Safari system, SandMan architectural control, and Net network operating system, and the SandBox interfaces. Yngve is our Director of Software Development and the "father" of the Prego and EGO Software.
He is located outside Oslo, Norway, and can be reached at:
+47 66 78 02 30

Manfred Schachenmann - has been in engineering for the lighting industry for over 30 years. He has been involved in both practical stage work and in electronics for both lighting controls and stage automation. He has also been involved  in product design and marketing.
Manfred is located near Basel, Switzerland and can be reached at:
+41 61 331 59 55
or in Germany
+49 7621 916 60 90
Console History
Prego History
Prego software was first created in 2004 as a successor of the 2 products Safari VLC lighting control by AVAB, and SandNet networking for lighting.
Safari VLC first saw light in 1991 as a product developed for the Swedish and multinational company AVAB. SandNet surfaced from 2000 as a continuation of networking knowledge developed for VLC, experimenting with networking for entertainment lighting.
All of this software development has been issued by the Norwegian company Yngve Sandboe AS. Prego has been developed by keeping the AVAB VLC way of thinking. A rich, easy, and creative way of programming, as an extension to the lighting designers mind. Prego is pure software, but still optimized for various 3rd party control surfaces, and even for embedding inside full featured small and large lighting desks.

There are first of all 3 series of consoles pretty much optimized for Prego :

  • AVAB: All old VLC Safari consoles + Presto and Pronto. Built from 1991-2004.
  • EGO: All consoles are built for Prego. From 2008 and still making new.
  • ADB: All Hathor consoles are built for Prego. From 2010 to 2019.

Prego has been distributed in various ways all over the world. Mostly hidden and embedded into consoles from EGO or ADB.

EGO Controls
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