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Schriftzug EGO Modules

EGO Modules are designed for the major theatres, opera houses, and other leading venues across the world. It is a powerful combination of sophisticated software and a modular hardware concept without any arbitrary restrictions on its capacity. 

The software is EGO's foundation and provides a  feature rich interface that allows the most intricate operations to be executed with ease and speed. It offers a true multi-user system for venues that require multiple operators in a complex production environment.

No expense has been spared in the quest to make this a powerful tool that can cater to the most discriminating users of professional lighting control systems. The Main, Fader and Wheel modules can be configured into consoles and systems that meets the requirements of the largest and most demanding venues and  productions. 

Each module features a built in 15.4" WXGA touchscreen for easy and quick hands-on access to data and editing.

The Main Module combines the designer functions, such as channel selection and recording, and the Play- back functions, including a dedicated rate joy- stick and a pair of motorized cross faders.


The Wheel Module contains 8 multi pur- pose wheels that lends themselves well to moving light and multi media device con- trol, as well as the more traditional master and playback functions.


The Fader Module  features 12 multi purpose mo- torized faders, each with 2 dedicated LCD buttons capable of displaying dynamic text and graphics. The Fader  Module can easily be extended to have 24 faders by replacing the touchscreen with another 12 faders.

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